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Welcome to Apostolic School of Theology (AST)! AST is an online Bible College that is fully online and fully Apostolic and is one of the fastest growing Apostolic Bible College in the world. In the past three years we have had incremental growth that now exceeds more than 350 students from Canada and the U.S. Students are looking for a school that they do not have to leaver their work, family and local church. We believe the best way to become developed as a pastor, evangelist, missionary, or teacher is to be in ministry while attending our university.

Please feel free to peruse our site to get more acquainted with our degree programs.

AST is an institute of Hope International University serving the educational needs of Apostolics from all over the U.S. and Canada. AST is endorsed by the Worldwide Pentecostal Fellowship and the United Apostolic Church. All degree programs are regionally accredited through Hope International University by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and programmatically accredited through Hope International University by the Association for Biblical Higher Education.

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